Linkage Group updates

All Limerick PPN representatives who attend meetings or events on behalf of the PPN are expected to prepare a short Statement of Outcomes on the meeting/event. This is made available to the Linkage Group the representatives are from and to the full PPN membership.

Please click on the Statements of Outcomes (previously called reports) you are interested in to open as a PDF.

Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning

PPN Report on SPC (EDEP) 130217

PPN Report on SPC (EDEP)120617

PPN Report on SPC (EDEP) 091017

Limerick Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

Statements of Outcomes from PPN representative(s):

LCDC Rep Report June ’17

LCDC Rep Report July ’17

Community, Leisure & Emergency Services

Statements of Outcomes from PPN representative(s)

Community Leisure and Emergency Services SPC agenda and minutes June 2017


PPN Report on Environment SPC June 2017

Home & Social Development

Transport & Travel 

Joint Policing Committee (JPC)