Community Safety & Policing

The Community Safety and Policing Linkage Group elects PPN representatives to sit on Limerick’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC). The role of the JPC is to develop greater consultation, co-operation and synergy on policing and crime issues between An Garda Síochána, Limerick City and County Council and elected local representatives and to facilitate the participation of the community and voluntary sectors in the committee.


There are a total of  7 seats available for Limerick PPN  members on this committee which is jointly chaired by Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Síochána. 


The PPN have been asked to aim, if possible, to have representation from a number of named areas of activity which are given below.

        • Suicide related services

        • Youth services

        • Muintir na Tire

        • LGBT

        • Drug and alcohol   support/information

        • Ethnic minorities

        • Children’s services

Limerick City and County Council powerpoint presentation on the Joint Policing Committee

For further information on the JPC please go to


In order to participate in an election your  group/organisation must be both a full member of Limerick PPN and a member of the relevant Linkage Group. Email us at to join the Community Safety and Policing Linkage Group

Members of the Community Safety & Policing Linkage Group


  1. ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services
  2. Environmental Trust Ireland
  3. GOSHH
  4. Hospital Family Resource Centre
  5. Irish Sign Language (ISL) Hub
  6. Limerick Cycling Campaign
  7. Limerick Dragons
  8. Limerick Pedestrian Network
  9. Limerick Suicide Watch
  10. Moyross Circle of Friends
  11. NCCWN Limerick Women’s Network
  12. Northstar Family Support Project
  13. Oola Tidy Towns