Limerick Public Participation Network is a countywide network that facilitates people from the community, social inclusion and environmental pillars to participate in local decision-making and policy-development structures. It is part of the framework for public participation in local government and it has a statutory basis in the Local Government Reform Act 2014 (Section 46).

The PPN facilitates community participation and engagement in:

  1. Strategic Policy Committees (SPC’s)
  2. Limerick Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)
  3. Joint Policing Committee (JPC)
  4. Other Council committees
  5. Other committees outside of the Local Authority remit where a request for Limerick PPN representation has been requested and agreed to by the PPN

The PPN is made up of a number of interconnected structures, which are:

  1. Plenary (all registered member groups/organisations)
  2. Pillars
  3. Municipal Districts
  4. Secretariat
  5. Linkage Groups