4 Goals and objectives of Limerick Public Participation Network
4.1        Goals
To ensure the PPN operates to shared set of principles (see: Appendix 1 – Principles of Limerick PPN) and to:
  1. Encourage and enable the participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner through the environmental, social inclusion and community and voluntary sectors on decision making bodies, in local policy-making and in the planning of services
  2. Strengthen the capacity of the membership to participate in decision-making affecting their communities.
  3. Provide information relevant to the environmental, social inclusion and community and voluntary sectors and acts as a hub around which information is distributed and received.
4.2        Objectives
In particular, the objective of the PPN is to:
    1. Contribute to Limerick’s development for the local authority area with a vision for the well-being of this and future generations
    2. Facilitate opportunities for the sharing of information between environmental, community and voluntary groups and between these groups and the local authority
    3. Identify issues of collective concern and work to influence policy locally in relation to these issues
    4. Actively support inclusion of socially excluded groups, communities experiencing high levels of poverty, communities experiencing discrimination – including Travellers and new communities – to enable them to participate at local and local authority area level
    5. Encourage and enable public participation in local policy-making and planning of services
    6. Facilitate the selection of participants from the environmental, social inclusion and voluntary sectors onto local authority area policy-making bodies
    7. Support a process that will feed the broad range of ideas, experience, suggestions and proposals of the PPN into policies and plans being developed by agencies and decision-makers in areas that are of interest and relevant to the PPN
    8. Work to develop the environmental, community and voluntary sectors so that the work of the sectors is clearly recognised and acknowledged and the sectors have a strong collective voice within the local authority area
    9. Support the individual members of the PPN so that they:
      1. can develop their capacity and do their work more effectively
      2. can participate effectively in PPN activities
      3. are included and their voices and concerns are heard
Taken from Article 4 of the Limerick PPN constitution
Adopted 02/12/2021