Limerick Public Participation Network is underpinned by the following principles:


  1. Good governance: implementing the Charities Governance Code as far as possible and applicable to Limerick PPN, including compliance with all relevant legislation (e.g. GDPR).
  2. Inclusive: of volunteer-led organisations in Limerick, and actively seeking the inclusion of groups which may traditionally be marginalised. The Limerick PPN recognises that it relies on volunteers and seeks to accommodate this diverse and active population in how it organises its business and activities.
  3. Participatory, open, welcoming, respectful, collaborative and facilitory.
  1. Independence: from the Local Authority and of any vested interests. Open, flat and participatory working structures support this.
  2. Valuing of Diversity: and recognising that the pillars (see Section 6.3) are broad and made up of people with many different opinions. It is not expected that the PPN will come up with a ‘one voice response’ but that it will feedback the issues and suggestions raised by a broad range of environmental, social inclusion and community and voluntary groups.
  3. Accountable and transparent: in its processes, procedures and in its dealings with member groups, PPN representatives, Limerick City and County Council, the Department of Rural and Community Development and other stakeholders.
  4. Clarity of purpose: Limerick PPN is focused on its core functions and does not duplicate the work of other organisations in Limerick. Limerick PPN, however, encourages and signposts members to engage with relevant opportunities delivered by members, Associate Members and other organisations whose ethos is compatible with that of Limerick PPN.
  5. Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals: Limerick PPN is committed in its practices to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.


Taken from Article 5.2 of the Limerick PPN constitution
Adopted 10/02/2020