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Limerick Public Participation Network is working with the University of Limerick to support the Your Mayor – Your Voice campaign. Follow this link for details.

Statement of Outcomes from meetings of the Independent Advisory Group for the Directly Elected Mayor for Limerick.


Cillian Flynn, Limerick PPN representative on Advisory Group for Directly Elected Mayor


In May 2019, the people of Limerick voted in favour of a directly elected Mayor with executive functions. As Limerick will be the first county in Ireland to have a directly elected Mayor, the Minister for Housing, Planning, and Local Government established an Independent Advisory Group to examine what the new role might entail. This Group was formally launched in December 2019, and the Government has outlined in its Programme for Government that it intends to legislate for a directly elected Mayor for Limerick in 2021.

Election of PPN representative.

Limerick PPN was invited to nominate one representative to this group shortly before the launch date. The Secretariat agreed that, as an interim measure and until a formal process to elect a PPN representative was completed, a different member of the Secretariat would attend each meeting in an observer capacity. This had been the case for the meetings between December 2019 and January 2020. (the Statements of Outcomes on these attendances are noted in the minutes of the Secretariat meetings)

A decision was taken at the first Secretariat meeting of 2020 to hold a Plenary meeting on Monday 10th February which was to include the election of a PPN representative to sit on the Limerick Mayor Implementation Advisory Group. Following a call for nominations from the PPN membership, two candidates went forward for election in the end:

  • Cillian Flynn nominated by: GOSHH 
  • Brigid Hayes nominated by BGM (Bruff Grange Meanus) Community Council CLG

Each LPPN member group/organisation present at the Plenary was entitled to one (1) vote with one (1) individual voting on their behalf. Once the votes were counted and countersigned Cillian Flynn was deemed elected and now sits on the Limerick Mayor Implementation Advisory Group as the PPN representative. Cillian reports to the Plenary via the Secretariat.

For further information on this group, resource material and information on meetings to date please check out Limerick Mayor Implementation Advisory Group on