About the Secretariat

About the Secretariat

The Secretariat is the key day-to-day administrative body within the PPN Structure. As the PPN is a Flat Structure all Secretariat members are equal, with no offices held by anyone. A Facilitator for the Secretariat meetings is chosen from amongst the members with an agreed term of no more than four (4) months.
The Secretariat is made up of 10 members: 2 from each of the pillars/sectors and 1 from each of the Municipal Districts. The PPN strives for gender balance in the membership.
2 Representatives from the Community/Voluntary Pillar
2 Representatives from the Social Inclusion Pillar
2 Representatives from the Environment Pillar
1 Representative from each Municipal District
  • Adare/Rathkeale 
  • Cappamore/Kilmallock 
  • Limerick Metropolitan 
  • Newcastle West 

Contacting the Secretariat

PPN members, Linkage Group Facilitators or external groups/organisations can contact the Secretariat by emailing  ppn@limerick.ie
All correspondence is dealt with at Secretariat meetings or by the current facilitator if more immediate action is required.

The core functions of the Secretariat include:

Managing the PPN in accordance with national guidelines, to the highest possible standard and according to Plenary-approved governance processes and procedures
Supporting the activities and priorities of the PPN Linkage Groups.
Drafting an annual work plan, for review and approval by the Plenary, covering:
a) Participation in decision-making and representation
b) Capacity building
c) Information sharing and communication
d) Other activities as agreed
Facilitating the implementation of decisions of the Plenary
Supporting the strategic development of the Limerick PPN
Managing the work of the PPN staff member(s), who act as secretary for the Secretariat and who maintain the minutes and correspondence regarding all Secretariat meetings and Plenaries
Appointing a Facilitator of Secretariat meetings with a term agreed by the Secretariat, but of no more than four (4) months
Monitoring on an ongoing basis the activities of the PPN and proposing remedial action where necessary
Ensuring the correct functioning of Linkage Groups
Communicating, via agreed communications processes, with all PPN members and disseminating information concerning all PPN activities or opportunities that may be of benefit to PPN members
Working closely with all stakeholders – including Limerick City and County Council and the Department of Rural and Community Development – to enable the PPN to deliver on its vision and aims