The Secretariat

Secretariat membership and role

The membership of the Secretariat is designed to be as broad as possible, and reflective of the diversity of the membership.  It must include at least one representative from each of the Municipal Districts in the county, and equal numbers (but at least two people) from each of the three electoral colleges (Environmental, Social Inclusion, Community and Voluntary).

The Secretariat meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for the day to day running of the PPN on behalf of the Plenary. They manage the staff, budget and operations. This includes developing, monitoring and implementing the annual work plan.

The Secretariat is a flat structure (i.e. there are no elected officers). A facilitator chairs the meetings and the facilitator position rotates between Secretariat members on a regular basis.

How can my group or organisation become a member of the Secretariat?

People elected to the Secretariat must be nominated by a member organisation in their geographical community or college.  The electorate for that position is comprised of the members of that geographical community or college.  For example, candidates for a Social Inclusion vacancy must be nominated by a Social Inclusion organisation, and it is only the Social Inclusion organisations which have a vote for this position.  The college system ensures that all three distinct voices (Environment, Social Inclusion, Community and Voluntary) within the PPN can be equally represented and clearly articulated.

No volunteer or group of volunteers should be able to / left to administer the PPN on a long term basis.  A truly participative PPN requires a regular refreshing of different roles.