The Secretariat meets at least nine (9) times per year (or as required) with venue and times (usually during the week and in the evening) agreed by the Secretariat members.

A Facilitator for the Secretariat meetings is chosen from amongst the members. In Keeping with the PPN’s Flat Structure format, this is a rotating role with an agreed term of no more than six (6) months.

The Facilitator’s primary role is to act as the convenor of meetings. As Facilitator of the Secretariat, the Facilitator will:

  • Agree the framework with the Resource Worker for Secretariat meetings (e.g. timeframe, location, facilities etc.).
  • Agree the agenda (with the Resource Worker) of each Secretariat meeting.
  • Manage the progression of agenda items of each Secretariat meeting in terms of the items under discussion, the reaching of decisions and the time allocated.
  • Review, agree and ensure the distribution in a timely fashion draft minutes in conjunction with the secretary.
  • Ensure that approved minutes are available as appropriate to the relevant parties.
  • Normally act as the primary representative of the PPN network to external bodies or in emergency situations. This role may be delegated in given circumstances.
  • Sign off on official PPN correspondence.
  • Facilitate any Plenary meetings during their tenure.

Contacting the Secretariat

PPN members, Linkage Group Facilitators or external groups/organisations can contact the Secretariat by emailing
All correspondence is dealt with at Secretariat meetings or by the current facilitator if more immediate action is required.

Next Secretariat Meeting

  • Next Meeting: 29th January, 2024
  • Facilitator : Patrick Fitzgerald, Limerick Community Education Network 
  • Location: Zoom, Online 
Email to contact the Secretariat

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