Linkage Groups

A Linkage Group for an external committee is a collection of PPN member groups/organisations who have a particular interest or expertise in the issues being discussed by that committee. They ensure that all PPN members play a direct role in choosing their representatives on council committees, participate in influencing policy that affect them, and are kept up-to-date with developments. Linkage Groups are open to all PPN member groups/organisations regardless of which Pillar, Municipal District or Sector they belong to.

Linkage Groups are established by the Secretariat following a formal request from Limerick City and County Council, or other agreed external body, to the Secretariat seeking PPN representation on a specific committee(s) and the numbers of representatives required, including any specific criteria attached. The Linkage Group will elect the representative(s) from within it’s membership.

Linkage Groups operate under the auspices of the PPN Plenary and report to the PPN via the Secretariat. New Linkage Groups may be established by the Secretariat on an issue basis or as requested. A Linkage Group lasts the lifetime of the committee it is aligned to (e.g. when the SPC Scheme closes, the Linkage Group closes) or a Linkage Group formed to feed into a specific public consultation will close when this consultation process is finished.

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