The full membership of Limerick PPN is referred to as the Plenary. It is the main decision making body of the PPN with overall responsibility for its operation. It meets at least twice a year in Plenary session. One of the sessions includes the Annual General Meeting of the membership.


All groups within Limerick PPN have an equal voice and an equal input into decision making. Each independent member group/organisation has one vote in the Plenary. At least one representative aged 18 years or over from each registered member group/organisation holding full membership will be entitled to attend and will have one vote on behalf of their group/organisation. If an individual is a member of more than one group/organisation, they can only represent/vote on behalf of one PPN member group/organisation.


The Plenary nominates and elects the Secretariat to be responsible for the day to day administration of the PPN. The Secretariat  is representative of the three colleges (i.e. Community/Voluntary, Environment and Social Inclusion) and the four Municipal Districts of Limerick.


  • Next Plenary Meeting: 01/12/2022
  • Facilitator : Patrick Fitzgerald
  • Location: The Strand Hotel Limerick