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Limerick Public Participation Network (PPN) is a network of community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations, working together for a better Limerick.

Limerick Public Participation Network enables the community to be represented in decision-making processes such as Limerick City and County Council committees and local public consultation processes.


Register for Limerick PPN

Contact details are required in order to enable you to be fully consulted and included in the local democratic processes as well as in the national network.


Membership of the PPN

The objective of PPNs is to have as diverse a membership as possible which reflects the volunteer-led activity in Limerick and is socially inclusive.

Recent Posts


Response from Minister of Local Government re: Limerick DEM

DEM response from Minister of Local Government Limerick PPN received a response from Minister Kieran O’Donnell regarding  status of the DEM legislation. We hope to have further engagement with the […]

Limerick PPN Presents Community Voice Podcast

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