Limerick PPN Election Resources

PPN Limerick Nominations Received. January 2024

PPNL Secretariat

Mark Ryan                         – Social Inclusion Seat                   -Northside FRC

Fionan Coughlan              – Limerick Metropolitan  Seat       – Milk Market Trustees


SPC Vacancies

Martina Brennan-    Community    – Limerick Cycling Campaign    -Home and Social Development SPC


PPN Limerick PPN Call for Nominations January 2024

      • Details of the candidates in the contested June 2023 Community, Leisure and Culture SPC pillar seat  are available HERE

      • Please note that the second nominee withdrew her nomination so there will not be an election.

                        Limerick PPN Nominations received June 2023

PPN Limerick received 3 nominations for its open seats during this round of nominations. There was one nomination for a Climate Action, biodiversity and Environment SPC Seat and 2 for the Community/ Voluntary Pillar Seat on the Community, Leisure and Culture SPC. Voting will open between the 26th and 30th of June from LCCC’s MyPoint Portal. Details of Nominees to follow.


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Election Results

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Previous LPPN Elections

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 Breakdown of votes in February/March 2021 PPN Elections

Groups that voted in February/March 2021 PPN Elections

      • Details for all the candidates in the March 2021 PPN elections are available HERE